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My name is Roshan Noronha and welcome to my website! I'm a Bioinformatician from Vancouver BC, Canada and passionate about working on awesome projects, Genetics and anything outdoors. I'll be posting the projects I am working on, interesting code that I am writing, papers that I am reading and other cool things.

I enjoy learning new software and languages and applying them in unique and interesting ways. Thanks for checking my site out and I look forward to hearing from you!

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java Java
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python Python
swift Swift


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  • 2018

    Research Assistant

    Leroux Laboratory

    + Applied comparative genomic techniques to identify novel transition zone proteins

    + Designed GFP constructs to determine the localization of ciliary proteins in C.elegans

    + Maintained a variety of C.elegans strains for use in temperature sensitive screens

  • 2017

    Clean Tech Intern

    Langara College

    + Designed a one year experiment to determine the feasibility of growing mealworms on a waste food diet

    + Implemented a bioinformatics pipeline that identified yeast species responsible for beer spoilage

    + Collaborated with local craft breweries to implement diagnostic tools that optimized the repitching of beer yeast

    + Tested the effectiveness of biochar on the removal of nitrogen and ammonia in waste water

  • 2015-2017

    Content Manager

    Vancouver Biotechnology Venture Association

    + Collaborated with the National Research Council of Canada and f College senior executives to obtain funding and facilities for new members

    + Implemented a website to market VanBVA as the go to hub for potential entrepreneurs

    + Set up informational interviews with business leaders in the biotech industry to produce content for the VanBVA website and provide additional value to our members

  • 2014

    Junior Software Engineer

    GenomeDx Biosciences

    + Collaborated with researchers at the University of Miami and GenomeDx to validate prognostically significant biomarkers

    + Utilized visualizations to validate any significant relationships between immuniohistochemical data and gene expression data

    + Designed the implementation of the new quality control pipeline with respect to new functionalities

  • 2012-2013

    Lab Assistant

    Morin Laboratory

    + Downloaded and installed pipeline analysis tools for a local instance of the Galaxy Bioinformatics web based platform

    + Used patient data from BC Cancer Agency to create primers that isolated mutated regions for further study

    + Aided in lab tasks such as using an Illumina sequencer, running gels and filling boxes of pipette tips for sterilization


  • 2016-2018

    Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

    Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
  • 2011-2016

    Associate of Science Degree in Bioinformatics with Co-op

    Langara College, Vancouver, Canada

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